David and Goliath is the story of how God used young David to defeat the mighty giant Goliath. Provides kids with an understanding that even though they're young, they can still do great things for God.
Fishes and Loaves tells the story of a young boy who didn't hesitate to give to God and not hold anything back. Demonstrates that kids will be rewarded for trusting in God with everything they have.
Miriam's Courage is all about how young Miriam was brave in a difficult time for her family. Encourages kids that instead of being fearful, showing courage will reveal God's incredible plan for their lives.
I Heard God focuses on the story of young Samuel, who did great things for God. When God spoke to him, he was willing to listen. Even when the task was hard, he heard God and obeyed. Teaches kids that even at a young age, they can hear and respond to God.
I Am Willing shares the story of Mary and how she found favor with God. Even though what God asked was difficult, she was willing to be used by Him. Shows that kids should be obedient to whatever task God gives them and be willing to follow His plan.

What's It Like Being a Hero?
With the Kid Bible Heroes app, your kids can learn about ordinary kids in the Bible who were used by God to do extraordinary things. The app features five Bible stories about everyday heroes like David, Miriam, Samuel, Mary, and the young boy with the fishes and loaves. Through their interactive stories, your kids will learn about God's plan for their lives, trusting God, having courage, listening to God and being willing to step out in faith.