Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to Kid Bible Heroes® interactive app for kids! This series of kids' books is designed by the My Healthy Church team to be fun, interactive and biblically-based. Each story will help your child see how God wants to use kids to do great things for Him.
Though these stories were developed on the solid foundation of study (both Scripture and scholarly works were reviewed), we have taken a few opportunities to provide humor and fun. An example of this can be found in the David and Goliath story—we don't actually believe that David was delivering pizza to his brothers!
We believe that this process has allowed us to teach incredible stories in a fun and interactive way. In order to make the most of this model, there are a few tools included in each book that will be helpful to point out.

Each book contains a series of scroll icons. Found on the top right-hand corner of the page, the icon is a tool that reveals text when it is tapped. The text will be read to your child and it helps to identify a principle in the story. These tools are designed to encourage a thought, action or discussion.
Please use them to help your child pause and consider this content whenever they appear. Our desire is to see spiritual conversations begin as a result of this tool.

The close of each book contains Scripture references where the core story is based. This allows you to read together directly from God's Word (for information on a great children's Bible, visit us at

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you as you look for ways to secure the faith of the next generation.

My Healthy Church Team